• Three-Dimensional Centrifugal Cryogenic Grinding Mill
  • DHCL-6K
  • DHCL-6K
  • Three-Dimensional Centrifugal Cryogenic Grinding Mill
  • Low-temperature grinding of biological samples can effectively suppress nucleic acid degradation, preserve protein activity, and process samples in large quantities. It has the functions of homogeniza
DHCL-6K Three-Dimensional Centrifugal Cryogenic Grinding Mill is a grinder with integrated cryogenic grinding, centrifugation, and three-dimensional functions on the market. It has a fast and efficient, multi-tube system that can extract and purify raw DNA, RNA, and proteins from any source, including soil, plant and animal tissues/organs, bacteria, yeast, fungi, spores, and paleontological specimens.
Product Principle
The DHCL series cryogenic grinding mill integrates preparation, grinding, freezing, and centrifugation functions. It can also be used as a low-temperature centrifuge. With a maximum speed of 6000rpm, the sample and grinding balls are placed in the grinding mill (equipped with grinding jars or centrifuge tubes/adapters). Under high-frequency oscillation, the grinding balls rapidly collide and friction within the grinding mill, breaking up cells and cell walls of various samples in a very short time, quickly releasing original DNA, RNA, and proteins for subsequent extraction and purification.

Product Features
○ Flexible parameters:
Microprocessor control allows for customization of various reagent kits, with a 5.7-inch color touch screen and easy program settings (up to 99 programs can be saved).
○ Good stability:
With a unique fastening mechanism, sample tube fixation is more convenient. Program calls are fast, with noise levels ≤54db.
○ Professional and efficient:
Sample fragmentation and lysis time is short, avoiding nucleic acid degradation and protein denaturation, ensuring the integrity of extracted nucleic acids or proteins. Innovative design with low-speed, ultra-long continuous operation function (up to 30min), suitable for whole-genome library construction, cloning, and sequencing.
○ Zero sample contamination:
The operation is fully enclosed, avoiding cross-contamination between samples and external contamination.
○ Integrated preparation:
Unique grinding, freezing, and high-speed centrifugation three-dimensional integration function effectively prevents the reduction of sample biological activity due to heat. The highest centrifugation speed is 6000RPM, eliminating many complex transfer operations, and can also be used as a standalone low-temperature centrifuge.
○ High safety and easy maintenance:
Uses a brushless frequency conversion motor that does not produce carbon particles and does not require carbon brush replacement. Long service life, no easily damaged parts, all-stainless steel inner chamber for easier cleaning and disinfection, and no need for dangerous materials such as liquid nitrogen for auxiliary processing.

Product Applications
Sample grinding applications:
1. Plant tissues: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, etc.
2. Animal tissues: brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, thymus, kidneys, intestines, lymph nodes, muscles, bones, etc.
3. Fungi and bacteria: yeast, E. coli, etc.
4. Food and drugs: various foods, tablets, etc.
5. Volatile samples: coal, oil shale, wax products, etc.
6. Plastics and polymers: PE, PS, textiles, resins, etc.
· Nucleic acid/protein extraction
Low-temperature grinding of samples can effectively inhibit nucleic acid degradation and preserve protein activity.
· Analysis of pharmacological ingredients
There are often significant differences between isomers of effective drug ingredients. Low-temperature grinding can prevent molecule degradation due to pressure and heating.
· Reduce sample volatilization
Low-temperature grinding can significantly reduce sample volatilization and more fully preserve sample component content.
· Grinding toughness/hardness samples
For difficult-to-grind samples such as high-toughness plastics, high-strength plastics, resins, etc., low-temperature grinding can greatly improve grinding efficiency and effectiveness.
DHCL series 3D centrifugal cryogenic grinding machine adopts integrated preparation, grinding, freezing, and centrifugation functions. It can also be used as a low-temperature centrifuge alone. With a maximum speed of 6000rpm, the sample and grinding balls are placed in the grinding machine (equipped with a grinding jar or centrifuge tube/adapter). Under high-frequency oscillation, the grinding balls rapidly collide and friction back and forth in the grinding machine, breaking cells, homogenizing and breaking cell walls of various types of samples in a very short time, quickly releasing original DNA, RNA, proteins, etc., which is convenient for subsequent extraction and purification.

High efficiency with a large capacity The DHCL series three-dimensional centrifugal cryogenic grinder can prepare, grind, freeze, and centrifuge samples in one machine, with a high-speed rotation of up to 6000rpm. It can grind 2x24, 2x48, and 4x96 samples in just one minute, saving time and effort while minimizing inter-batch and intra-batch differences. The extracted protein has higher activity, and the nucleic acid fragments are longer, making it easier for subsequent extraction and purification.
No cross-contamination The sample tubes are in a fully sealed state during the crushing process, and disposable centrifuge tubes and beads can be used. The samples remain intact in the tubes, avoiding cross-contamination between samples and external pollution.
Easy to operate 1. Built-in program controller, which can set parameters such as grinding time and rotor vibration frequency;
2. User-friendly operating interface.
Good stability 1. Adopting a vertical oscillation method for more thorough grinding and better stability;
2. During operation, the noise is less than 55dB, which will not interfere with other experiments or instruments.
Convenient for low-temperature operation When a low-temperature grinding environment is needed, the adapter containing the samples can be cooled in liquid nitrogen for 1-2 minutes, then removed and quickly fixed onto the main machine for grinding, without the need for further freezing, saving liquid nitrogen.
Good repeatability With the same program settings for the same tissue sample, the same grinding effect can be obtained. The working time is short, and the sample temperature does not rise.

Technical Specifications  
Main Purpose: By low-temperature grinding of biological samples, nucleic acid degradation can be effectively inhibited, protein activity can be preserved, and samples can be processed in large quantities. It has the functions of tissue homogenization, grinding, cell disruption, homogenization, material dispersion, preparation, and vibration.
Related Core Technologies: Adopting the "multi-substance grinding and extraction" and "rapid grinding function of cell crushing device" technologies, it can grind and crush any source of samples (including soil, plant and animal tissues/organs, bacteria, yeast, fungi, spores, fossils, etc.). Raw DNA, RNA, and proteins can be extracted and purified, and it can process 24*2ML/12*5ML. It can process 24 samples at the maximum processing capacity within 15 seconds.
Display Method: Touch screen display, user-friendly interactive design, convenient operation, can be operated conveniently and intuitively, with electromagnetic lock function, automatic opening and closing function on the screen, reducing manual operation.
Data Storage: It can store ten sets of experimental data, and according to different experimental samples, it is set with animal heart, spleen, lung, kidney, bone, skin, hair modes. According to the set experimental parameters, it can continuously cycle among several set parameters, further reducing human interference factors.
Simplified Test Tube Compression Technology: For the fixed part of the grinding tube, the "simplified test tube compression" technology is adopted to reduce the risk of tube breakage. Together with reliable compression technology, it can ensure the integrity of the grinding tube for high-intensity grinding work.
Homogeneous speed: 1-21M/S, working time: 1-9999S, user can set it by themselves.
Safety: The instrument adopts a double-layer shock absorption structure to ensure that the instrument remains stable during high-speed grinding work, does not interfere with external instruments, and ensures the safety of the overall environment.
Grinding ball material: Alloy steel, chrome steel, zirconia, tungsten carbide, and quartz sand.
Noise level: <54db.
Cooling function: Adopting the "grinding device with freezing function" technology, it can be adjusted from -50℃ to room temperature. Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5℃. Effectively solve the problem of sample denaturation and agglomeration caused by rapid heating during the grinding process, and improve the success rate.
Automatic centrifugation function: Using the "dual-motor rotating centrifugation" technology, with centrifugation function, the highest grinding speed can be set to 6000 revolutions, realizing the integration of grinding and centrifugation.
Grinding method: Wet grinding, dry grinding, and low-temperature grinding are all available.
External dimensions: 70*41.5*51cm
Weight: 82 kg

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Product List
DHCL-6K Unit
Host Machine Unit
Adapters set
Cooling Adapter Set
Stainless steel grinding bead No.5 piece
Stainless steel grinding bead No.3 piece
Zirconia Grinding Bead No.3 Piece
Special Grinding Tube Piece
Special Bead Loading Gun Set
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Ø2orØ1.5ml,1(2 in 1)
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